From Tara Smith Very moisturising for glossy waves and curls and no frizz with Olive Oil extract.
Squalane, an active ingredient derived from Olive oil, promotes the retention of moisture and is combined here with hydrolized Soybean protein to strengthen the hair fibre and provide a sealing coat to keep the cuticle smooth and flexible and improve the hair’s feel and shine.
Key ingredients are:
Squalane (see above)
Marine Algae is extracted from two algae plants Enteromorpha compressa and Himantalia elongata. It contains large quantities of amino acids which can repair damaged hair and has a moisturising effect from its moisture binding and film forming qualities
The five yeast extracts are from zinc/copper/magnesium/iron/ silicon which provide nutrients and have moisturising and cell renewing capabilities for both skin and hair
Hydrolised Soy protein, The Chinese consider the soybean, along with rice/wheat/barley/millet, to be one of the five holy plants. Due to its particular amino acid content, soybean contains 85% of the essential amino acids our bodies require. This ingredient acts as a energiser for the hair’s natural protective layer by forming an effective protein film on the surface of the hair protecting it against detrimental environment influences
Phytokeratin A blend of plant amino acids which will augment the free amino acids naturally present in the hair; they able to penetrate and enhance the moisture binding ability of the hair to give it sparkle, shine and bounce
Organic fragrance
Citrus & Grapefruit 100% organic, contains Grapefruit, Orange, Lemon, Lavandin, Eucalyptus, Peppermint, Geranium, Clove and Anthopogon.
I tried this conditioner the other day and I have to say I like it alot.
It's so moisturizing and left my hair feeling very soft.
The fragrance reminds me of toothpaste, other than that I would definetly purchase it again.