Just a collection of NOTD's I've been doing since I've been away from blogging, my collection has grown alot and I just seem to be obsessed with painting my nails and having them look pretty all the time.:)
Some of them feature polishes from my own collection which will soon be available to buy so stay tuned for that .:)
I love doing this natural look,it looks like I've had a professional manicure.
Decided to play around with what was left of this manicure and added my "W7 Earthquake Black" nail polish over a polish from my collection called "Frosted Panther" :).
I looooved it.

And this is the full effect of my crackle nail polish over "Bringing The Heat".
Looks like a volcano right?
Wanted to play around with some stick on gems I purchased,they ended up coming off the same day as I did not apply a top coat.:(
I will give them another try...
I see Red...LOL
Black Tips
Another polish from my collection "Cork Srewed Pebble".
Do you like my little friend?
I met him after watching a tutorial on youtube by sccastaneda.
Check her out she does some cool nail tutorials.

Oiling and moisturising regularly made my nails grow thanks to For Me It Works...check out her blog here.
 The pink glitter polish is by me its called "Frosted Panther".
 "Kaleidascope" might change the name of this one.....stay tuned!
Glitter polish by me :"Tweeting me,Tweeting Blue"