So while shopping last week I saw these beautiful lip glosses in savers.
One colour in particular caught my eye,its a barbie pink, coral like colour known as parfait as I took a closer look I noticed the logo,these lipglosses were by calvin klein. Yaaaaay me :).

At £2.49 each you can't go wrong I picked up every colour they had and asked a member of staff to hold them for me until the next week,to my surprise they were still there.

In total I ended up getting 9, 2 are lip plumpers and the other 7 are glistening lip gloss'.
I'm so happy with my purchase :) I will put up swatches in another post along with my Carlo di Roma lipsticks I purchased a week ago.

I also picked up one of my favourite nail varnish's of all time at the 99p shop,french rose by rimmel,it was the last one on the shelf,btw did I mention I love rimmel products? I'm still on the hunt for my vamp chic lipsticks but thats another post.

Also ended up in TKMAXX...#shockedface#
I only browsed around the ground floor I think I may have found a branch I like :).

To my surprise in the cosmetic section they are selling the same ck lip glosses I got for £2.49  for £7.99x2.
#Superhappyface# :)